Gah, Sari, this is such a beautiful post!! I agree that gettin lost is so important for writers. I also share your dismay at events that happen in your twenties...wishing you much cozy space in your cocoon. And...I dunno, I think a healthy, downtime break between projects is sometimes very called for.

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Dear Sari,

What you wrote was a confirmation of how I have been feeling lately: I left my 21+ year corporate job exactly 5 months ago. I feel I am as busy if not busier, and don't know exactly where I am heading. I have been saying too many yeses (not all to others, some were to myself) just because I thought I could and should. I have been *thinking* too much in the head, but not *feeling* enough in the heart. I have not been able to be still and be quiet.

I am still grateful for 2022. On the list of what I am grateful for, you are right there. I am grateful that I came across your writing, and I am grateful I have been on the recipient list of getting your help when I needed it the most as a brand new writer. Thank you!

I am very much looking forward to 2023. One of the things 2022 taught me was that we are animals of habits. It is very hard to break an old habit but once you break it, it is very liberating. I have been liberated from the corporate rat race machine but not from my own habits of hustling and bustling. Be still and be quiet, that's how I want to start 2023.

Happy 2023!

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Thank you for this, Sari. I relate to so much of it -- the social media compare/despair trap, the pressure to find the next big project, the sense of impending transformation and all the weird discomfort that comes with it. Hello from my chrysalis to yours 🦋

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