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I truly believe most of our psychological suffering is born from our culture. But "culture" is just as nebulous as "the mind," so...? Culture IS mind. It's the collective mind. And it's clearly insane—or if we are being generous, just very ill. So, is it rational for us to pursue the idea of being "well adjusted" within such an environment?

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I believe the power of our mind - though I am not sure if I like the word "placebos" - and I believe our mind and body are connected. Coming from a culture where for thousands of years, herbal medicine and stimulation involving acupuncture points were the main medical treatment, I also believe in what we now in the western world call "non-conventional" treatment. But I have to admit that my actual experience with both therapy and needle acupuncture is very limited, and unfortunately not with good results. I remember walking out of these sessions, physical or via zoom, thinking "oh you are so full of it"! That does not take away my believe in the principles of these treatments. Because of none "invasive" methods, they allowed not-so-good doctors to practice without reprimand. Good therapists/acupuncturists/herbal medicine doctors are few and far in between. If we happen to find one, we are truly blessed.

I wish you find a good one Sari!

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Your SE practitioner sounds like a terrible rookie. Interrupting, following a script, steering the therapy to a modality they're comfortable with rather than where you want to go? That's terrible practice, and it's awful it happened to you.

I've found incredible benefits from bodywork, but not from a practitioner, just from working on my own (usually on my bed) with the only tool I have that I can trust, my own body. It's taken a lot of time and effort to engage with myself in this way, and I'm not sure I could have done it with a therapist in the room. I believe that the body holds all the answers in conjunction with the mind, but this method is certainly not for everyone. I hope you find relief!

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Acupuncture helped me physically and mentally before my RA diagnosis. When I wanted to go back after it, my doctor (who was a full fledged Physician in China, but stuck with Acupuncture once he was able to come to the US for good).

When I was seeing him I had a pinched nerve in my neck. I had taken muscle relaxers, pain meds and PT which included a deep tissue massage. It felt great but did not help my neck.

So when I first started seeing Dr. C, he asked to see my hands palms up. He pretty much told me my medical history. He then started with the needles. I was at first surprised at how I did not feel them, until it came to my paper thin ears. But it was not unbearable. He said he would have me stay lying on my back. When he came back in he started removing the needles one at a time slowly and was whispering things like - ahh, I see, ah just as I thought. He talked the whole time but softly. He asked if my ovaries were removed when I had a hysterectomy. (Only one) he asked if I still had phantom “monthlies”, No. hmm Ahhh.

After the needles were all out, he left the room again and asked me to relax. I was already feeling like Ivar the Boneless. But I fell asleep.

He quietly woke me and asked that I turn on my stomach as he was going to use cupping to cleanse the overt I still had, and to ease the pinched nerve in my neck. He put 8 “cups” on my back and was left to again relax. I start feeling COLD. Then more so. He came in and asked how I was feeling. When I told him he said COLD IS GOOD!!

Cups removed and feeling more relaxed than I ever had felt and he started telling me exactly which areas he was working on besides my neck.

I was sent home with a Tiger Balm neck bath and a cotton patch.

At my second visit, he used needles & cupping again but talked through the whole process. Was I happy? Did I love my job, when he got to the relationship part he did not ask any questions. He just said I had a LOT of stress that was old. Most likely a bad relationship that had caused a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders more than anything else. He told me I carried it all there and for my happiness to not suffer he hoped he could get rid of the old stress that I still carried. I had found my best friend and “soul mate” only 6 months prior to my first appointment. Only a few months after I left the guy who had treated me like a possession to be taken off the shelf only when he wanted to dress me up and bring me out to play in public.

I saw DrC. 4 more times and I felt amazing. I was more relaxed, had stopped waiting for my partner to treat me like my ex. I felt like I had pleased him by trusting his skills.

A year later I received my RA diagnosis. When I called the office for Dr. C he had moved to Northern Arizona. I truly wish I had had access to him now. He got rid of my old stress - I sure could use his skills for my new stress. I loved seeing him and always had a fun giggle at the end of every session.

Sorry for the long comment, but maybe give Acupuncture a chance again with a practitioner you feel comfortable with?

I swear by it or by Dr. C at least. Good luck.🍀

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