Snail Mail, Anyone?

Help me decide whether to go analog.

Hey, I’m not sure whether I’m going to do this, but figured I’d at least ask to find out if anyone would be interested:

I’m considering taking this analog, writing a weekly print newsletter that I mail to you via USPS. It’s related to the qualms I’m having right now with Substack, but also, I like sending and receiving actual mail. (Mikki Halpin tells me what I’m describing is a “zine” and I’m such an “old” I didn’t realize it. Maybe that’s what I’ll call it.)

I’d love to take the problematic media and tech middle men out of the equation. And I’d love to do what little bit I can to boost USPS. (I had a nice time corresponding with people via snail mail at the beginning of the pandemic. I also really enjoyed writing a “Letter in the Mail” for the Rumpus many years ago, and still hear from people in response.)

Would you be interested in receiving a weekly letter—okay, zine—from me? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Thanks for helping me figure out whether it would be worthwhile!